Friday, January 16, 2009


Doctor Who 45th Anniversary – Why Was 2001 Brilliant?

The fairy-tale Grimm Reality and The Adventuress of Henrietta Street’s complex histories are among Paul McGann’s best books – and it’s ‘new millennium, new ranges’, including the DVD releases starting in earnest; Occam’s Razor, first of the intelligent, dangerous Kaldor City CDs; and Billy novella Time and Relative. Perhaps most excitingly (not ignoring Peter’s and Colin’s fabulous Loups-Garoux and The One Doctor), Big Finish relaunch Paul with Storm Warning, then visit…

The Stones of Venice
“I don’t carry weapons. I don’t need them. But I must say, I think you treat your visitors here in a very shabby manner indeed.”
Edwardian adventuress Charley Pollard thinks the TARDIS is a gothic nightmare – wait until she reaches a poetically doomed Venice at the close of a hundred-year curse. The Duke’s moping over his lost love, her cult’s praying for resurrection, and there’s something fishy about the gondoliers…

As with all the Big Finish dramas, this is available on CD and download, both on its own and as part of a collection of the first Paul McGann stories broadcast on BBC7 (starting in 2005).

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Hi Alex,

I'm sure you'll make it to the blink episode in your Dr Who history soon. I am not a fan of the series but today I saw this and thought it was awesome, and something an aficionado such as yourself might enjoy, if you haven't seen it before.


Thanks Andrew! What a remarkable cat.
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