Monday, October 13, 2014


Those Five Reasons Why Mr Farage Wants A July 2015 Referendum In Full

So he can disenfranchise all the people on holiday in [shudder] Europe
So he can cut off any campaigning period in which people might ask questions and get themselves informed rather than just voting with years of newspaper prejudices
So he can promise to prop up a Tory Government of the far right… Then drop it after two months and run away laughing while Mr Cameron implodes
So he can exploit what he assumes’ll be the public mood at the highest high water-mark of his populist Party’s popularity before the inevitable consequences of failure to deliver or (worse) compromise with another party or (worse) with reality by having to make a single difficult decision prove he’s just the same as all the other politicians
…Er, that’s it.

Featured on Liberal Democrat Voice

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