Sunday, March 29, 2015


The People’s Flag? Mugs.

The People’s Flag is purple now
It’s to Farage that they kowtow
Now Labour’s values are unknown
Except the mugs with ‘Send them home’

The People’s Flag has changed its spots
For fear of UKIP’s ballot box
Those mugs keep lowering the tone
Their banner reading ‘Send them home’

I like to think that I’d instinctively be a Liberal and not a racist opportunist even if I wasn’t the son of an immigrant. After all, Ed Miliband’s the son of an immigrant too, so there doesn’t seem to be any correlation.

Thanks to Nick Barlow for eternal vigilance and #whynotjointhelabourparty, and to Richard Flowers for everything, always, but this time in particular for kicking off the lyrics. And a damned good kicking is in order (even from Labour MPs).

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