Friday, June 17, 2016


Britain is Better Than This

Hate. Racism. Now murder.

This cannot stand. Whether you’re In or Out, there are values the great, decent majority of British people agree on.

We’ve all got to take responsibility now. Because Britain is better than this, and we can’t just leave it to somebody else.

Last night I was so appalled, so upset and so angry that I just recorded what I felt.

Britain is better than this.

Please listen to my appeal and those of so many other people. And let your voice be heard too. Because it’s gone way too far to sit back, shake your head, and just hope someone else does something.

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Thanks for this. From over in Australia (as across the world) we are trying to make sense of Brexit. Your video was made a week before the vote but it could easily have been made after and it illuminates a lot of the problems.

I particularly appreciate your observation that things have gotten better over time. I feel the same way from my perspective down under. However that just makes any loses of progress be felt more keenly.

The consensus among my friends here is that voters who have suffered as a result of austerity economics have put the blame on Brussels rather than Westminster. There is a lot of characterizing the Leave supporters as poor and stupid and some smart-arse over here even made this meme:

Others are making it into a generational war, even if a significant minority of the elderly voted to stay and a significant minority of the young voted to leave. I think Scotland undermines such demographic analysis - they can be poor and old in Scotland too and yet look how they voted. Of course the EU has always been good for culturally distinct regions neglected by distant national governments. But there are also millions of personal motives in all of this and I worry that they will be lost among what amounts to a lot of political profiling.

I hope you are feeling okay despite what has happened. I trust that as a liberal you will remember that individuals across all demographics and across borders are decent and will work, in ways big and small, to make things better.
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