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Tower Hamlets Council Presents… Fireworks (Fireworks Forbidden) Cold, Dark Night?

I’m not the biggest fan of my local council, but I’d hope their Fireworks Night went with a Bang, rather than the damp squib they promised on blue, touchy paper.

As I was listening to shrieks and bangs echoing all around the Thames, particularly exploding over Blackheath, I couldn’t help thinking of Tower Hamlets Council’s forbidding signage committing to a dark and cold evening gathering across from Island Gardens.

If revellers were lucky, the cock-up will have been in what they said, not in what they did. But long experience of this council means I’ve not got my hopes up.

Tower Hamlets Fireworkless Fireworks 1
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As you can see, the posters proclaimed:
“Tower Hamlets Council Presents… Fireworks Night”.
In which:
“Please note that fireworks will not be allowed into the park.”
In case we didn’t get the message, they then put up extra notices to make it clear.

Tower Hamlets Fireworkless Fireworks 2
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Other stern notices put up in the last couple of days announced that there were going to be no open fires, either.

So did they mean to leave residents congregating in the dark and cold, a fireworks display with no fireworks; a Bonfire night with no bonfire? Were they planning on erecting a huge mirror, perhaps, to reflect the Blackheath display? Were they just hoping for cloud cover? Or could it be their signwriting compliance department get just a little overexcited by health and safety and forget that the Council might be supposed to be bringing a little something to the party, even if they didn’t want anyone else to?

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