Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Five Posts From Five Years At Five

Last week, the lovely Caron Lindsay came up with a meme – what were we blogging on about this date for each of the last five years? I’ve still had my horrible ear infection and not been blogging much but, having managed a monster Doctor Who review this morning, I’ve been nudged by Millennium to take a look through the back catalogue. It turns out I’ve never blogged on May 23rd before, but aiming for mid-May has reminded me of an exciting variety of old posts: Doctor Who; politics; politics; and Doctor Who (few of them short). Who’d have thought?

Going back slightly further, 2006 was my first and in fact my most productive year blogging, so I took a look at that May, too: still nothing on the 23rd. But it turned out that we’d just had some local election results that had disappointed many Liberal Democrats (ha bloody ha, comparing the figures) but where Labour were relying on nothing but hatred of the Tories; that the Green Party were looking to nick votes from us; that Lib Dems were in fact much better on green action than they were; and that I was making a suggestion for how to get across, in part, what the Lib Dems stand for. How strange and long ago that all seems.

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