Sunday, May 10, 2015


Phoenix of Liberty

Does any Liberal Democrat with computer graphics skills fancy redrawing the Bird of Liberty for this week? I’ve got two ideas for you.

On Friday Sal Brinton, President (and acting Leader) of the Liberal Democrats, told members:
“Our symbol, the Bird of Liberty, is also our phoenix. Since midnight last night to teatime today more than 650 people have joined the party on our website. The phoenix is already rising from the ashes of last night’s elections.
“Together we can rebuild the party that we love. Now more than ever this country needs the Liberal Democrats.”
Since the General Election, over five thousand new members have joined the party, bringing us to more than 50,000 members. I’ll probably have quite a bit to say about our future over the next few days. You can join here – and see why I believe the Liberal Democrats are needed here.

In the meantime, why not redraw the Bird of Liberty as our symbol of defiant renewal this week? Don’t its flowing wings just invite matching CGI flames in the same style? And our colours are black and gold anyway, which are perfect for a flaming symbol.

Either the Phoenix of Liberty bursting free from the flames…

Or, in the tradition of phoenix art, the Phoenix of Liberty (with slightly more upsoaring wings) surrounded by flame?

Come on, somebody, have a go.

In other news, Wil Wilshere of politicsandrants Tumblr and a few more in Liberal Youth have started a Thunderclap called #OperationPhoenix, set for next Friday. You can read more about it here.

Keep the flame alive.

Update: Or there are these, which are prettier.


With some alteration, something similar to the Liberal Democrat poster in this article would be good?
Thank you!

I had seen those... I have to admit, though, ours looks rather more triumphalist than I suspect any of us are feeling.
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