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Doctor Who 45th Anniversary – Why Was 1993 Brilliant?

There’s one old Doctor on radio and a whole bunch of them in both documentary Thirty Years in the TARDIS and an East End anniversary knees-up, but it’s New Adventures firsts that really make this year brilliant. There’s Gareth Roberts’ clever, funny debut The Highest Science; Kate Orman’s The Left-Handed Hummingbird, mixing the Sixties, drugs, pain and the Titanic; Blood Heat’s gripping alternative universe of Silurians and multiple endings is a superb second novel, though the author’s first beats it…

Doctor Who: The New Adventures – Lucifer Rising
“Everything is history, if you look at it from the right perspective.”
Jim Mortimore and Andy Lane open with probably the best New Adventure: a murder mystery; breathtakingly imaginative alien worlds; Gladstone; ending in hope; exploring the Doctor (a sublime introduction, comic moments, his darker side)… And, as across the whole series, the shadow of the Daleks.

Here’s another one that’s long out of print and well worth tracking down, though to whet your appetite the Prelude written for Doctor Who Magazine is available online.

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OK, I'll give you that one, having never read that novel (I've read far too few of the NAs actually, something I'm planning to rectify this year...)
Good luck in tracking some down. I loved them - as is probably clear from my entries! It's a mixture of being more cohesive than any of the other original novel series, and of having a much higher strike rate in really good stories.

My pick here in particular's an idiosyncratic one, as I rarely see anyone else rave about it. Does it for me, though.
All that above, and I forgot an exciting multi-Doctor special - sort of. Well, all right, none of them are playing the Doctor, but several of the actors (and a young Alan Cumming) appeared in one of the better semi-pro spin off videos, The Airzone Solution. Or, as a fellow Colin fan called it the other day, Six and Peri go Shagging.
LOL I wonder who that could have been!

1993 was notable, for me, as the point in time when Six finally got to shake hands with the Brig. And Sam West as the lustworthy sidekick of the Rani was grand in Dimensions in Time too. Shame the rest of it was such bobbins...
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