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Doctor Who 45th Anniversary – Why Was 1994 Brilliant?

The most marvellous thing Doctor Who brings me in 1994 is Richard, obviously, but you can’t buy one. Low-budget video Shakedown – Return of the Sontarans beats any BBC Sontaran story, while the Master returns in a book (but which? Dun-dun-dahh…!). New Adventures highlights include Conundrum’s fun and games, Tragedy Day’s telethon satire (and openly gay character), and hugely entertaining Sherlock Holmes-Doctor Who-Cthulhu hustle crossover All-Consuming Fire. And with Sylv’s Doctor doing brilliantly, a new range beckons for the rest…

Doctor Who: The Missing Adventures – Venusian Lullaby
“‘Remember us, Doctor,’ he breathed. ‘I beg of you, remember us all.’”
What would you do if your world was doomed? Paul Leonard offers black humour, desperation, horror and acceptance from the series’ most perfectly alien race and culture in a perfect novel for William Hartnell’s Doctor, a grand historical tragedy from the history of another world.

This is one you’ll have to track down second-hand to read, and you really should, you know. For some reason, Billy’s Doctor seems to be the most author-proof of the first six Doctors in print, with more of ‘his’ original novels succeeding than for the others, and this is the best of the lot.

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Totally agree re Venusian Lullaby. And All-Consuming Fire.
Thanks, and thanks for the links to your reviews (I'd read one of them before, I think, perhaps not the other). And, thanks to my little bet with myself about word restrictions on these, you've written the longer pieces! I wonder if that's ever happened before? ;-)

I have a feeling we disagreed on The Auton Invasion, though...
Shakedown - I've got an old VHS of that somewhere. Were 'The Stranger' vids around that time too?
We have an old VHS of Shakedown, too - shame it's not out on DVD yet (particularly good music, as well). And The Stranger was fun, too; some fab Colin moments, and that *is* on DVD now. I think the first one of those was 1991...
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