Sunday, January 11, 2009


Doctor Who 45th Anniversary – Why Was 1996 Brilliant?

This year’s New Adventures include Lawrence Miles’ debut, Christmas on a Rational Planet; Happy Endings’ comedy wedding; Just War’s Nazi occupation; and a tragedy’s aftermath in Bad Therapy. Other Doctors appear in Sylv-Peter crossover Cold Fusion, Tom’s witty The English Way of Death and Billy’s fabulous The Plotters and nightmarish The Man in the Velvet Mask. Paul McGann stars in a one-off TV movie – and Russell T Davies writes his first Doctor Who

Doctor Who: The New Adventures – Damaged Goods
“At the far end of the street, hostile armed men came to the party, and twenty minutes passed.”
A bloody, brilliant book, set on an ’80s estate haunted by past and future: Christmas, motherhood, ancient Time Lord wars; Roz’s destiny, and elements surging to TV a decade later. Be careful what you wish for, and even more so, what you try to return…

Of all the New Adventures that aren’t available as eBooks – sadly the vast majority of them – this one’s the most surprising. Perhaps Russell thinks this dark tale of drugs, despair and bargained children too disturbing, or perhaps the peppering of its ideas all across the Twenty-First Century series would just spoil too many surprises, from Rose right through to The Next Doctor? Either way, it’s another one you have to find second-hand, I’m afraid.

And once again back on the ‘real’ date, today is probably – well, I was three and a bit – the thirty-fourth anniversary of my seeing my first Doctor Who episode. I’m so glad I did.

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