Thursday, January 22, 2009


Doctor Who 45th Anniversary – Why Was 2005 Brilliant?

He’s back, he’s Christopher Eccleston then David Tennant, and he’s showered with BAFTAs. There’s behind-the-scenes series Doctor Who Confidential, Big Finish on BBC7 and Simon Guerrier’s Billy book The Time Travellers… And the trip of a lifetime begins with the world’s most fantastic trailer. The Doctor and Rose’s story involves The End of the World, The Unquiet Dead, The Empty Child, Dalek fleets and a Christmas Invasion; dining-with-monsters Boom Town and Paul Cornell’s heartbreaking Father’s Day stand out, though my heart’s with the first one we ever saw a tiny part of filmed. On Easter Saturday, Doctor Who

An ordinary life meets the Doctor’s, finding explosions, rapid-fire wit, the pain of lost worlds, window-smashing Autons, that lots of planets have Norths, and the perfect introduction to the TARDIS. Treasure Rose nodding at something that’s not completely invisible, and the closing moment’s pure joy.
“By the way, did I mention? It also travels in time.”

The first fully existing TV Doctor Who story not to be released on VHS – but you can get it on DVD many times over: in a vanilla release with amazing-looking The End of the World and gorgeous gaslit The Unquiet Dead; in a box set of the whole 2005 season, complete with extras (and where you can see Twenty-First Century Who’s most thrilling monsters, the Reapers, in Father’s Day and the fabulous Margaret Slitheen in Boom Town); on its own, once, as a tabloid freebie; and now with The End of the World and a magazine as part of the newly-launched Doctor Who DVD Files. Ooh, and you can buy The Shooting Scripts for this season, too.

If you enjoyed all that, incidentally, you might like to check out a series of Doctor Who from thirty years earlier that informs many of its concepts in exploring the future of humanity…

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