Monday, January 12, 2009


Nearly Bye-Bye, President Bush

President Bush has given his final press conference – keener to be held to account now he’s suddenly paying some attention to history (much too little, much too late). He claimed that he was “disappointed” not to have found weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Well, that’s one way of putting it.

He’s earned some unexpected credit over the past couple of months; he was an occasionally good outgoing President. He decided to be, at the last, a unifyer in supporting President-Elect Obama (actively so, rather than in the country uniting in relief that anyone else was to be President). It doesn’t make up, of course, for matching that with all his last-minute shittery in rushing through Presidential edicts to pay off all his big business fundraisers by destroying the US environment, and nothing could make up for the unspeakable butchery of the worst Presidency in American history. Still, it’s reassuring to find something nice to say about even President Bush, as my Mother always used to tell me about everyone (though I suspect she’d be very pushed indeed to find a nice word to say about him – but then, she was born an American, and I have dual nationality, so as well as being as horrified by him as 90% of the world, we feel soiled).

He finished by saying that history would judge him. As with his friend Mr Blair and their Cabinets, I’d rather it was the Hague.

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