Friday, January 01, 2010


Happy New Doctor!

Our household’s all agog for tonight’s Doctor Who – probably the most important regeneration for twenty-nine years. Thank you, David Tennant, and good luck, Matt Smith!

And I always said the Time Lords were gits.

As a special New Doctor treat, I’d like to share with you this superb piece of animation by “Tardis Timegirl”, mixing Stanley Kubrick and Patrick Troughton to create something very special indeed: inspired, gorgeous to look at and, in parts, rather witty.

In other turn-of-the-year news, birthday elephant Millennium – happy birthday, young Master Dome! – has assembled the best of his and other bloggers (and has much to say about The End of Time so far), the other lovely Andrew (known in our household as Benedict Napoleon) is preparing for Sergeant Pepper and still more PEP! , and the lovely Helen brings news of a Guardian columnist’s prediction for a Labour-Tory coalition (it’s not going to happen, but short of a Liberal Democrat government, it’d be the best thing possible for us in the long term. Horrific while it lasted, though).

The most striking post of the New Year, however, belongs to the Blogger Formerly Known As the Lovely Stephen Glenn. He’s very musical, but not quite himself.

Fortunately, I am completely immune.

The Simmilarity is uncanny.
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19.55: Yes, of course I cried. Then grinned, hugely.

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