Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Three Politicians Who Simply Aren’t Up To It

Having a hellish day, so this’ll be truncated, but here are three political moments of the day to catch up with. Though my health’s usually poor, the last week and a half have been much worse than usual, today far more horrible still. My comfort is that, while this is personally my most frustrating election ever, politically it’s looking fantastic, and that’s definitely the right way round! But if you’ve been tuned in to the BBC today, you might have noticed that neither are going well for Liam Fox, Chris Grayling or the world’s least competent political Leader, Lord Pearson: Don’t take my word for it – catch them all on iPlayer.

And as it’s taken me a couple of hours even to write this much, I’m back off to my sickbed. I rang NHS Direct last night (five minutes of ID questioning, repeated three times over – very Labour) when, after a day of feeling like I might be on the road to recovery from the horrible extra stomach illness I’ve had since last week, I suddenly threw up again and was simply fed up with it. When they rang me back, two hours later, to go through all the same questions all over again, I felt reassured: it did sound like it was something that was slowly fading, and not too much to be worried about. They even told me to start eating properly again, and what (no chocolate, sadly). I ate (no chocolate, sadly). At 4am, I woke with a crippling pain in not so much my stomach as my entire torso, and managed to stagger to the bathroom for the most dramatic vomiting since the thing started. My twelve hours since then have essentially repeated the same pattern, of waking, crawling to the bathroom, sipping some water, crawling back, falling into a feverish sleep for half an hour to an hour, then restarting, with occasional breaks stretched out on the floor groaning as I tried to get up energy to do something really taxing, like clean the sink or find the painkillers. It’s not exactly been fun, but I have let occasional BBC news programmes wash over my sickbed.

My health means I’m not up to it – so I’m not asking for anyone to vote me this time. What’s their excuse?

So my level of engagement in this election remains, as I said above, frustrating. If you feel sorry for me and want to make me feel better, all I ask is one tiny little thing: just send a majority of Liberal Democrat MPs to Parliament and make Nick Clegg Prime Minister. There – that’s much less effort than sending a card, some grapes and a box of chocolates, isn’t it?

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I am so sorry to see you are still not well.

Your horrible sickness hasn't affected your ability to hit the nail on the head, though.

I also really enjoy your livebloggings of the Ten O'Clock News.
* big snuggles for Daddy Alex *

Get well soon sweetie. Positive vibes coming your way from all of us up here. And we're doing our damnedest with the electoral thing.
Get well soon. You're also serving. KBO :-)

BTW I'm using your BBC2 and BBC4 Eleven Faces schedules as a guide to help me make a start on watching some of the Doctor Who back-catalogue...
Great post - and get well soon.
Thanks, all of you! It's coming and going in waves right now; Tuesday was the worst, absolutely hellish; Wednesday a little better; yesterday much worse again. This morning I've not thrown up yet, but am incredibly weak (it's almost as if I've had almost nothing to eat and been stuck in the bathroom constantly for nine days). So when Richard wakes - no, he's not lazy, he didn't get in from working all night after working all day until after dawn - I'll ask him if he's up to driving me to A&E.

Thanks, Lonely Churchill, for that, and glad the Eleven Faces is of some use! When I've got the energy, I've got something to say about some of the ones (legitimately) available for free online...
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