Sunday, November 30, 2008


Lib Dem Blogs In Time Travel Horror

Not a terribly good night, but on feeling marginally less ill this morning I managed to ring NHS Direct, which seems more concerned with checking my personal details in triplicate than making a diagnosis. And they say New Labour’s dead! I lack the energy for writing Doctor Who celebrations right now, but looking at Lib Dem Blogs Aggregated I find that it’s gone back to the 1970s for me. Apparently, it was last updated on Thursday 1st January 1970, which has a few disadvantages. There aren’t any blogs, and it’s not the ideal time period in which to be stranded.

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I’ve just missed the ’60s, and I might bump into Jon Pertwee. The horror! There are at least three Liberal revivals to get excited about and then fizzle away dishearteningly without us getting in again, the music’s going downhill, I’ve got half a decade to wait for Tom Baker, racist jokes are ‘funny’ and as for being openly gay… It’s even a couple of years before I can go find myself as a baby and see if chucking my tiny chin can cause everything to explode.

Leave Life On Mars, thank you very much. I’d rather have life in 2008.

Switching on the colour television and seeing Andrew Marr, I’m momentarily reassured. But then I notice he’s talking to Ken Clarke, who appears to be wearing… Tom Good’s nettle suit from 1977. Oh no! It’s spreading!

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Fingers crossed you shouldn't see that again. I know what is causing it (bad text inside my massive XML file) I just need to find the odd bits which appear each time.
However it should now produce a lovely error message instead.
I'd argue with "music going downhill", but yeah.
Good luck with your lovely bits and odd errors, Ryan. I just couldn't resist blearily taking the piss this morning.

And, Jennie... Oh, I just like '60s music. And '80s.
I think all eras have their good stuff and their dross. But the early seventies are the best period for two of my top three bands, so...
But Alex, I have just one word for you:

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