Friday, December 21, 2012


The Hobbit Fantasy Casting

This time last week, Richard and I were watching and enormously enjoying The Hobbit – An Unexpectedly Small Proportion of It. Neither of us have been able to write reviews yet, sadly (though we might see it again), but I cheered at Sylvester McCoy appearing in big movie-star letters, and thrilled at his having not just a character cameo but major scenes: the gathering dark; the extended comedy action piece; the full-on action scene where he bests the most dangerous character in the entire film… So it got me thinking. Who else might Doctor Who fan Peter Jackson have cast?

The Hobbit


SYLVESTER McCOY as Radagast The Brown

MATT SMITH as Bilbo Baggins

COLIN BAKER as Thorin Oakenshield

TOM BAKER as Gandalf The Grey (look, I held out for him last time)

CHRISTOPHER ECCLESTON as The Blue Wizard (may not appear in actual film)

PAUL MCGANN as Galadriel (because he always loves wigs, and he’s not quite fey enough for Elrond)

And in especially large letters at the end

MICHAEL JAYSTON as Saruman The (spoilers) Turns Out Not As White As He’s Painted

With PETER DAVIDSTONE as The Pale Orc (harbouring a deadly vendetta against Thorin Oakenshield)

And DAVID TENNANT as Sebastian the Hedgehog (because he suffers so well)

Proper blogging may reappear soon. I’m having a crappy day and humming That Dwarf Song to keep warm.

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